I get quite a number of questions from friends and family who are wondering what do I do actually? Always asking if im working? and why don’t i work in an office? who is my boss? and to be honest, its kinda hard to explain.. so I’ve come up with this: my official title is “social media & event manager” (some people call it playing on Facebook) i call it WORK 🙂

My fields of ‘expertise’ cover some aspects of hospitality, events, bazaars and markets, the food and beverage industry, online marketing, social media, merchandising and purchasing, handling retail sales and even the odd blog and website management here and there. and because of this, I’m loving the random-ness, enjoying the random office locations and workspace and obviously no more 9-5’ers.. LOVE IT!





photo 2


treelittlewords is a conceptual store and atelier, where ideas of all nature bloom. Not only do we have simple solutions for the everyday, we also make sense of the routine at the office. Think of it as simplifying and revamping your lifestyle, just because you can. At the moment, we are retailing your basic everyday necessities, but with a twist. Check out our Facebook Page for more information!





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