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Be your truest you.


In this stage of my life; where my passion and our ideas are merging, work is non-conformist and I just am so excited about it all that I’m mentally jumping up and down like a giddy child :), and it is in this stage of my life that I truly appreciate who I have become, the people I have met and my support system. Because it is in this stage of life where everything is fluid and so multiple-faceted that it’s either all connected or I’m just plain cray-cray for taking it all on at the same time..

Gotta love the craziness, gotta love the ballsyness and definitely gotta love the love. Thank you God for it all πŸ™‚ seriously πŸ™‚

Hello you warrior you!


Taking it in Bite Sizes

[you know who you are; we don’t need to talk everyday but we got each other’s backs no matter what!]

[A concept I am slowly working on, tinkering away on my ‘burner’.. Serious WIP]

[happening in a few days, soooo crazy that it’s number 16!!]

[more details later on this but let me tell you, it’s going to be huge!!]

Stay tuned for more soon πŸ™‚

Sorta set in stone

Gearing up for the final 3 months of 2013.. It’s unbelievable that 2013 has sped past me, I’m panting to keep up. The places I’ve been to this year (Sri Lanka, Singapore (5 crazy times), Hong Kong, China, Vietnam and in a weeks time different parts of Malaysia) mad hatter nuts!

On top of all the traveling is the friendships and relationships I’ve curated this year and it’s been absolutely essential for me, considering I’ve been a super home body lately. But much love to the siblings and their spouses (and babies), to all the high school buddies, to Em, NZ friends, to the two nutters from church who keep me sane and of course everyone else on my Whatsapp lol. Yup, my life has been reduced to Whatsapp chats.. But most of all, spending time with the parentals is my core πŸ™‚ never would I have thought this would be something I would be experiencing all over again, and now in my 30’s. But I’m loving it! I am also extremely grateful for all the things that have happened or should I say presently happening to me this year, chugging away at all the multiple streams of work, at bazaars, growing the cafe and of course some personal stuff too.. But the year hasn’t ended yet and obviously I love surprises and in typical Jo-styled end of 2013, there will be lots of superb surprises!

There have been some life defining moments in the past 8 months and the saying “life is short” has truly touched my soul. I’ve learned the hard way that it is pointless to sweat the small things (like saving up to buy designer stuff) because now it’s more about living life and experiences and memories that are worth way way way more! Of course, I’m not saying don’t saved, everyone needs goals and savings.. just don’t sweat it. It’s about making time for family and friends, eating right (and sometimes wrong hehe), getting healthy and loving whole-heartedly for me now.. Can’t really be arsed about the minuscule ‘must be seen at’ parties and night outs.. Life is too short for random memories πŸ™‚ although good long overdue catchups that involve a variety of single malt and canapΓ©s is a must!

Alsoooooo I’ve been you-tubing a lot and have decided to give vlogging a try. I don’t know how game I’ll be at showing my face.. But why not, might as well overcome that milestone! Keep an eye out for daily vlog-ish videos on my YouTube channel

I’m an aunty again (brother had baby 2) and will be an aunty soon (sister is due in about a month) no pics as of yet because baby’s parents are very private people πŸ™‚ unlike me obviously. But fret not, will sneak some in later. There are babies everywhere πŸ™‚

Looking forward to Chrismtas this year, will be spending it in the sunny NZ summer with the fam-bam, so can’t wait for that! But while all that is going on, bazaars galore in Kuching πŸ™‚ yup, I’m all work!

So stay tuned and check out http://www.thebloombazaar.com if you haven’t πŸ™‚ show us some love!



Surprise surprise

The most annoying thing is when you are told repeatedly that “if you are late, your reservation/booking/rental will be forfeited” but when you request repeatedly for your deposit to be refunded, it doesn’t happen or takes over 4 months (true story)

Am so over being annoyed and frustrated at the different idiotic people who work in the different companies that have terrible (beyond atrocious) customer relations and service. Just once, can it be simple and straightforward and easy to get things done!! Seriously drives me up the wall!

And you know what gets me the most, for a country supposed to be 1st world.. It has 3rd world attitudes!! Grrrrrrrrr