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Be your truest you.


In this stage of my life; where my passion and our ideas are merging, work is non-conformist and I just am so excited about it all that I’m mentally jumping up and down like a giddy child :), and it is in this stage of my life that I truly appreciate who I have become, the people I have met and my support system. Because it is in this stage of life where everything is fluid and so multiple-faceted that it’s either all connected or I’m just plain cray-cray for taking it all on at the same time..

Gotta love the craziness, gotta love the ballsyness and definitely gotta love the love. Thank you God for it all 🙂 seriously 🙂

Hello you warrior you!


On the wish list

I think the ‘stumbling’ and ‘pinteresting’ is taking up so much of my time. My zone out time now includes the netbook andddd the iPad! Awesome.. Really awesome. On top of that, the CAR BOOT SALE is this weekend, and two weekends from now is TBB3.. Stress levels at max!!


But, I have found so many awesome things on pinterest.. And the ideas, the research value.. So excited!! I need to focus, lots of opportunities on the plate and the burner and the back burner. The whole STOVE is packed! I’m quite looking forward to it 🙂

don’t you love the design?

P/S don’t forget to check out CAR BOOT SALE, this SUNDAY, 24th June! Secondhand and preloved GALOREEE :):)