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OCD Tendencies

I’ve taken the test (twice!) and been analysed and picked each other’s brains about it and still came up with the same answers. Have you heard of the Personality Test?

Do yours today!



Best. Medicine. Ever.

Humour is strange, maybe because I find it in the oddest things. And also maybe because I’m so happily shallow, the lamest things crack me up. Love it. Like. Seriously.





P/S looking forward to the coming week 🙂 workshop and charity dinner all in one weekend!

PP/S Selamat Hari Raya to my awesome Muslim friends 🙂

Seriously, let’s be serious

Not 6 months ago I was having weekly Skype meetings, random whatsapp messages which turn into a quick business meeting with people all over the world (namely the beautiful land of Chilan aka MIC lol and the land of kangaroos) but this past few weeks it’s been actual face to face meetings and boardrooms and funky places. This is INSANE! And I LOVVVEEEEE it!

With the workshop coming up, and charity dinner after that, August is literally flying past. And sooooo Looking forward to KL this weekend for the research part of work 🙂

Some funny stuff on FB this week, but these are my absolute fav!




And on a side note: we’re looking for people. If you think you fit the bill, give me a holler 🙂


The 2012 Way of Motivation

Been using pinterest quite a lot lately, mostly getting ideas for the big secret 🙂 and also just another social media for me to waste time on 🙂 and I have to say, it has been quite addictive. Not as engaging as stumbleupon, but just as visually exciting.

If you haven’t signed up, what are you waiting for!!! 🙂 PM or DM me for an invite, seriously!



(something to be excited about, big things happening!!)

Yay ness

Meet Wilhelmina

She’s slick, savvy, quirky, fun, green, fast, understanding and just seriously gorgeous!!!!

And the perfect match to Waldo 🙂 But because of privacy issues, I can’t post her image up here. But trust me on this, she’s so amazing, you just can’t stop looking at her 🙂


Back to regular programming now, I’m off to Miri town tomorrow for our NZ reunion. Can’t wait to see the girls, and the King (lol) and just hang. And poof before you know it Chinese New Year is here, and I’m of to NZ! Nuts aye? And before you know it, nette’s wedding is over. Wowsers!!


P/s I’m quite excited about traveling again. It’s been too long lol

i love my job!

read this article online, exceptionally insightful and made me smile (a huge plus) because people, i am fully enjoying my job now! but back to reality, am in good ole GZ on a purchasing trip as well as taking a break from it while im replying emails, confirming details and writing and re-writing my brains out, here’s to the 5 minutes ‘break’ time of stalking people on the wonderful world of Facebook 🙂


p/s D&G’s wedding was awesome, pics to come soon 🙂




Source: Reed. Top image credit: Arcady via Shutterstock

getting over the craving

i was on a mental baking frenzy couple of weeks back, so much so  have 1.5 kg worth of chocolate cake (uneaten) sitting n my freezer. its not tha i dont like chocolate cake, i LOVE chocolate cake. but i had enough. wonder if there is a word for getting OVER the craving.

so i googled recipes on making use of ‘old’ choc cake and guess what! there are LOTS of difference ways and recipes. so this is the start of the epic record of  ‘using old chocolate cake’ journey. for now, i’ll enjoy that last piece of yummmmmmy choc cake.

(recommended apps to use on the iPod4 for great recipes: epicurious and the Big Oven)

ADV: Whatta Sucker!

sometimes, its that something that you need, it could be a small thing, a big thing or just a something. and when you most need it, you don’t have it. doesn’t that suck? (hahaha, no pun intended!) sooo, with TLW (treelittlewords) soft opening, we came up with this super special suckers! they are seriously OHMYWORD! awesome! (trust me, i know cos’ Ive been using them at home!)

we have them in 3 bright, happy colors of Pink, Yellow and Black and at only RM5 EACH!!! its a steal!!!!


Mobile phones are great nowadays. Long gone are the times when you had to plug in an additional adapter just to take a photo. Now your phone can help you decide what you are going to eat tonight, act as a personal trainer or check out the street views in deepest Peru.

It can also enable you to watch movies or listen to music. All very good, but what if you are on a plane or lying down. How do you position your phone for that comfy viewing angle? Holding it in your hand is fine, until it starts to go numb after around about 8 minutes!

Well here’s where this clever chap comes in. Simply get the 2 supplied plungers and stick one (or both) on to the back of your device and you instantly have the perfect viewing angle!

It really is that simple. They can be easily removed and repositioned for a different viewing angle as many times as you like. In fact, these plungers are so adaptable you might think that they could help with your plumbing. They don’t…. but they will help you watch your favourite podcast or Gotham City action hero in comfort. Go on take the plunge!

    Rubber plungers with wooden handles
    Each pack contains a red and a black plunger
    Sucks onto the back of your iphone/ipod or other mobile device
    Easy to use and won’t damage your device
    Cute mobile phone stand
    Can be easily remove and replaced
    Each plunger measures approx. 3.5cm x 3.5cm x 4cm



p/s Check out the Facebook page on the sidebar for more info (and other fantastic items we got) or email me at 🙂

im in love all over again

i got it as a present for my birthday, i was instantly hooked and i forgot all about it (because i got involved with another) but now im hooked all over again. first i thought it was the fascination with the little birdies and then i thought, maybe, it’s the black explosive ones, but I’ll always have a soft spot for the big red fellas 🙂

and recently on my travels, it was reignited (that and i have this secret crush on the green dudes) i couldn’t help myself, they are sooooo lovable! i mean, who doesn’t have a thing for birdies on a rampage and cuteness overload?

Auckland Twestival 2011

i am a fan of festivals, any kind really. arty ones, music ones, crafty ones, you name it, i like it. its something about a festival which just.. rocks my boat. so when i offered to help our dear friend Audrey who is heading the Auckland Twestival, i was handed social media dept. it sounds fancy, but it’s just advertising and a little bit of promo work on the internet. blogs, Facebook and Twitter are a few examples of what social media is. and you know what, i enjoy all 3 kinds!! 🙂

the lady boss herself 🙂





What is a Twestival?

Who are in charge of Twestival Auckland?

When is the Twestival?

Why do we have to help out in the Twestival?

How can YOU help out in the Twestival?


Twestival® (or Twitter Festival) uses social media for social good-by connecting communities off-line on a single day to highlight a great cause and have a fun event. Twestival is the largest global grass-roots social media fundraising initiative to date. Since 2009, volunteers have raised close to $1.2 million for 137 non-profits. All local events are organized 100% by volunteers and 100% of all ticket sales and donations go direct to projects.

Twestival Local 2011 is a great opportunity to bring the community together. The day is about more than fundraising, but all money raised will go directly to a local charity, that means 100% of the funds will be spent in Christchurch. We are still in the process of choosing our own charity, so watch out on Twitter for announcements.
We are currently working on confirming a venue. Tickets will go on sale in a few weeks so remember to check back here or follow us on Twitter, details below. We will announce details of the evening’s activities over the coming weeks, but if you have suggestions or would like to get involved, our contact details are below. In fact, please get in touch if you can help or advise in any way!

For updates or to get involved, please follow us on Twitter (where else?!) @TwestivalAKL, Facebook, and make a note of the date in your diary – 24th March 2011.

its a real honor to help out, you have to admit its the norm to encourage other people to get out there, help in any way you can and even start with comments like ” man, i wish i could do something..” well, this is your chance to help, to be part of something great, to give back to the community (is this cheesy or what!!) it does not matter if you are in Auckland or Christchurch or even in Afrika 🙂 it’s all possible!

for more info, please email me at or PM me on Facebook. alternative, the Auckland Twestival blog also has all the details.

Let’s Tweet. Meet. Give people..