I was born and bred in Sarawak, Malaysia and at 19 years of age moved & lived for 7 years in Auckland, New Zealand enjoying my 20’s. I made the biggest decision at the age of 28, in April 2009, moved to Hong Kong for work and a change in pace of life. After almost 2 years of MTR’s, bright lights, small spaces and awesome food (and throw in the trips to Big 6 🙂 and Macau) i have moved home, back to Kuching and with 2011 starting out so well,so will my dreams and hopes of big ideas and new ventures.

What I am; i tend to lean towards the independent, balls-y and definitely feminist tendencies. This may have been from the 3 years i spent reading on feminist pros in lectures. I think… HAHA! I generally enjoy having a good laugh, i love browsing bookstores, catching up on movies and just sipping a good coffee. The first thing that comes to mind on a Sunday morning is.. ahhh.. no work. 🙂 I had been working in the food & beverage/hospitality industry for almost 9 years, and fully enjoy all aspects, especially the socializing bit.

My blog is not a fashion blog (not really anyways), neither is it a food blog but i am definitely semi-obsessed about both! i tend to follow the vintage/flea market/op-shopped style. good stuff for practically nothing! My blog is about my life journey, my ‘guess-who-i-met’ posts and ‘oh-man-guess-what’ moments. I have always dabbled in photography, but it’s not a serious thing. it’s just an outlet for my random thoughts. Originally, I was fastidiously witting under Periphrastic Me on tblog.com, but as of October 2007, i felt that a change was needed and it was time to start looking for a new host. This blog is about my life starting at the late-20’s. It’s about remembering the small things in life. It’s about me.

Basically, it’s my selfish way of recording my innermost thoughts, because it is always all about me. Really, truly..

Happy reading!